Summer Tubbin’

Originally published at 18th July 2013.


This hot weather can get a little too much, unless you happen to be sitting beside a pool or lying on the beach, or renovating a house. Here’s a great picture of my youngest daughter, Georgia, making the most of bath time, alfresco! The faded avocado bath, one of the last reminders of the 70s to leave the house, has only made it as far as the garden. We had a few different ideas for re-using it, after we replaced it with an altogether more refined cast iron tub. We had considered using it as a water butt or submerging it in the garden as a pond, but in the end it made far more sense to just continue using it as a bath!

It’s not just for kids though! There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip after work, accompanied by a glass of Pimm’s, to get you ready for the evening ahead. And when you’re done with decorating for the night, you can return to the bath with the watering can and use the water to refresh the garden. Fill the bath again early next morning and the sun will take the chill off the water in time for the kids’ return from school. Perfect!

And what are the best-dressed summer tubbers wearing in their garden bath this summer? Well I think Georgia’s ‘Hepburn meets Cousteau’ look is bang on trend!


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