Kitchen Impossible

I’ve just finished typing up the kitchen renovation here at No. 29. It took me back a few years, to a time of total chaos. We (that’s me, my partner Michelle and our daughters, India and Georgia) had just moved 170 miles, arriving in an unfamiliar place, up to our knees in snow and with very little in the way of creature comforts.


It was vital to get the kitchen done as soon as possible but that’s not as easy as it sounds when so much needs doing and the room is in demand every meal time. We kept telling the children it was all a big adventure and after a while we got used to cooking on a camping stove and blowing the dust off our dinner before taking the first bite.

Camera 7.11.08 031

It seemed like an age before we had a working sink, cooker and all those other mod cons that we take so much for granted. In the meantime, there was a new floor to lay, some seriously time-consuming structural work to be done (thanks to a couple of rotten lintels), and the distraction of deciding to knock through an 18 inch thick stone wall into the out-house that was destined to become the utility room.

Re-wiring, plumbing, and re-plastering were all necessary, followed by several weeks of sanding, knotting, priming and painting (much of which took place through the night). During this time I learnt how to strip down and renovate sash windows and got to grips with the operation of our new log-burning Rayburn.

We got there in the end and the result is a lovely, practical country kitchen. It’s a great place, not just for cooking but also for socialising; it really is the heart of our home.

To read the full story (and see some scary before and after shots) click here. I do hope you enjoy it.


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